Rules and procedure governing the election of the Executive Committee
prescribed under Article 18 of the Articles of Association

(1) At least two months before the date of the Annual General Meeting, the Secretary shall issue a notice inviting the members to communicate the names of their representatives whom they desire to nominate for election as members of the Executive Committee of the Association. The members shall within 15 days from the date of the notice write to the Secretary intimating such names provided always that each member shall be entitled to nominate only one representative of the firm or of the company as the case may be.

(2) No member or candidate shall be eligible to vote and/or to stand for election as a member of the Executive Committee unless the member company or member firm has paid the annual subscription for the year.

(3) Only individuals shall be entitled to be nominated as candidates for election. In case of a firm it can nominate any of its partner and in case of a company it can nominate any of its whole time working employee - Managing Director, Director, Executive Director, Chief Executive Officer or Equivalent Position. The nomination paper should accompany an authorization duly signed by the Chairman or Managing Director or Managing Partner bearing seal of the firm or of the company as the case may be.

(4) A candidate nominated, may withdraw his candidature by notice in writing to the Secretary. Such notice shall be signed by the candidate himself or by member firm or company who nominated him and shall be sent to the Secretary so as to be received by him within the date specified.

(5) After the expiry of the time for filing nominations specified, the Secretary shall notify to the candidates for election and the respective members that nominated them, the list of all nomination received stating the date within which nominations may be withdrawn. The date so specified shall be the seventh day from the date of the notice and it shall be the last date for withdrawal of candidature.

(6) The Secretary shall enter the names of all persons finally standing for election in the voting paper in five distinct groups - one group representing the small-scale sector and 4 regional groups according to the geographical region to which each candidate belongs. The voting paper pre-numbered with hologram of ACMA logo bearing the seal of the Association and the signature of the Secretary or Finance Head shall be sent by Registered Post with acknowledgement due / Speed Post / Courier (within, ten days of the last day for withdrawal of nominations) to the members with instruction to vote for not more than 25 candidates, subject however, to a minimum of 4 candidates from the Northern Region, 4 from the Southern Region, 4 from the Western Region, 2 from the Eastern Region and a maximum of 3 candidates from the Small Scale Sector Group.

(7) The members shall return the voting papers to the Secretary within clear 15 days from the date of the issue of the voting paper, after which no voting papers shall be deemed received. The voting paper should be returned in a closed envelope superscribed with the words "VOTING PAPER" for identification purposes.

The voting paper be signed and stamped by member company’s or firm’s authorized, representative (Chairman or Managing Director or Managing Partner as the case may be) only and should give complete particulars as to his/her name, designation and address.

In case the original voting paper is misplaced / lost / not received, a duplicate voting paper shall be issued to the member company on receipt of the undertaking from the company to the effect that the original voting paper if found / received, shall be returned to the association.

(8) If nominations fall short of the numbers specified, the election process undertaken will be deemed withdrawn and a fresh election procedure with the approval of the Executive Committee shall be undertaken.

(9) Non-receipt of a circular / nomination / voting papers in regard to election from the office of the Association shall under no circumstances would invalidate the election.

(10) On receipt of the voting papers, the statutory auditors appointed by the Executive Committee of the Association as scrutineers, shall carry out independent scrutiny of voting papers and declaring of the election result.

(11) The candidates who have secured the largest number of votes for election as members of the Committee shall be deemed to have been elected, provided that no more than four candidates who have polled the largest number of votes in each of the three regional groups, viz., Northern, Western and Southern and two from Eastern Region shall be first elected. From the Small Scale Sector Group only three candidates who have secured the largest number of votes shall be deemed to have been elected. In the event of a tie, the scrutineers shall determine, by drawing lots, as to who shall be deemed to have been elected. No person except the scrutineers and such assistants as they may need shall be present at the time of the scrutiny.

(12) The scrutineers shall make a report declaring who are deemed to have been elected and such report shall be published by the Secretary at least clear seven days before the date of the Annual General Meeting and shall be placed for confirmation at the Annual General Meeting.